News Items from UNC Greensboro

Chancellor Linda P. Brady has announced that the university is restructuring its Office of General Counsel. Her announcement read, in part:

“This move is being driven by the increasingly complex issues and evolving landscape across higher education, including compliance, Title IX, capital projects, public-private partnerships, and many others that require wide-ranging experience and strategic thinking,” she stated. “We also recognize the need for additional staff within our OGC to address the volume and complexity of work and to enable us to be more responsive to competing demands.

“Effective February 10, Imogene Cathey, General Counsel, will move to a new Deputy General Counsel position in the office to fully take advantage of her experience in employment law, personnel, human relations and civil rights and complement the talents of existing Associate Counsel Mike Jung and Todd Davis. The addition of this new position will add significant capacity, create a more balanced workload for all, and lead to the development of a more responsive team.

“Also effective February 10, Betsy Bunting, who previously served as interim General Counsel at UNC Wilmington, Associate General Counsel at UNC-General Administration, and Assistant Attorney General for the Department of Justice Higher Education Section, will assume the position of interim General Counsel at UNCG. She has extensive experience in higher education, understanding of the UNC system, and knowledge of the North Carolina judicial system.”

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