News Items from UNC Greensboro

At the UNC system-level, the Core Competencies subcommittee of the UNC General Education Council obtained system-wide faculty endorsement for two Core Competencies: critical thinking and written communication. In the Council’s January 2014 report, these prioritized competencies were defined and their subcompetencies identified.

This sets the stage for UNCG piloting the use of the VALUE rubrics for assessing its General Education Program. On August 26, Dr. Ashley Finley, AAC&U’s Senior Director of Assessment and Research, will present a VALUE rubrics calibration workshop to faculty who have agreed to participate in the fall 2014 pilot.

Look to Campus Weekly for future updates on UNCG’s assessment of its General Education Program. Questions about the General Education Council? Contact Dr. Jonathan Zarecki, chair of the General Education Council, at jpzareck@uncg.edu, or visit the General Education Council’s web site at http://genedcouncil.uncg.edu.

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