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Thinking about taking a course this summer? Here are some common questions and answers about UNC Greensboro’s Summer Session.

Who should take a Summer Session course?

Simply put, anyone who needs to earn more credits toward graduation can take a Summer Session course. If you want to earn your bachelor’s degree in four years, you’ll need to take an average of 15 hours per semester to graduate on time. Summer can be a great time to take a course or two, whether you take something in your major, a Gen Ed requirement, or an elective. 

If you don’t need to catch up on credits, think about when you want to graduate and consider whether taking a few extra classes would allow you to graduate early. If so, Summer Session can help you get a jump on the strong job market and start earning a salary that much sooner.

What are the other benefits of taking summer courses?

There are many reasons why you might decide to enroll in Summer Session. Summer courses can help you to:

  • explore majors if you haven’t declared yours
  • meet Gen Ed requirements
  • stay on pace for graduation

Being able to focus on just one or two courses at a time offers you another advantage — you can give your full attention to a challenging course, increasing your odds for a better grade and possibly improving your GPA.

What courses are available?

Last Summer, there were 870 courses offered during Summer Session, and there will be a lot of options in 2022 as well. Visit Schedule Hero to see what’s available. If you’re not sure what to take, contact your academic advisor for guidance.

When are Summer Session courses?

The two main sessions are five weeks long:

  • Session 1: May 11 – June 15
  • Session II: June 16 – July 21

The Bachelor of Liberal and Interdisciplinary Studies program is on a slightly different schedule.  Visit the Summer Academic Calendar for details.

Where are Summer Session courses held?

Most Summer Session courses are intentionally designed to be online, which means you don’t have to stay in Greensboro all summer to take high-quality courses. If your plans include work or travel, taking an online course will give you more flexibility with your schedule.

Can graduate students take summer courses?

Yes! In addition to independent study courses and research, several departments and programs offer graduate-level courses over the summer. Check with your academic advisor or program director to see what’s available.

Is financial aid available for Summer Session?

Students enrolled in Summer Session do qualify for Financial Aid, and there’s no need for an application. If you are registered for summer courses and meet all eligibility requirements, the Financial Aid Office will contact you. (They begin processing summer aid in March, so the sooner you register Summer Session, the sooner you’ll be notified.)

Available financial aid includes:

  • Federal Pell Grants
  • Federal Student Loans
  • Federal Parent Loans (PLUS)
  • Graduate (PLUS) Loans

Be sure to visit Spartan Central for details on tuition and fees for Summer Session, and contact your academic advisor if you’re not sure which courses you should take.

How do you register for Summer Session?

Visit Spartan Central for details on registering for classes. Summer Session registration begins February 1. Check the Calendars & Deadlines in Spartan Central for other important dates. 

And last but not least, a friendly reminder: Be sure to check in with your academic advisor before you register to make sure you stay on track for graduation!

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