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Perhaps you have noticed other departments’ events are on the UNCG public calendar, and want yours on there as well.

How do you get your department’s or program’s events onto this UNCG public calendar?

It seems that practically every department or program has one person responsible for their calendar. If you are that person, here is how you do it:

  • Create a Google calendar for your department or program, if you haven’t already. Have you made your calendar public? Good.
  • Have you gone to the university’s Calendar Directory & Mash-up page to register this public Google calendar? If you have, excellent. You are ready.
  • Each time you input a public event into your departmental or program calendar that you think is appropriate for the UNCG public calendar, invite “calendar@uncg.edu” – which invites the UNCG public calendar. Be sure to check the boxes for ‘Guests can invite others’ and ‘see guest list.’
  • Be sure the event listing has all the basic details a reader would need to know: who, what, when, where – plus any details such as admission prices and where to purchase tickets, any special parking information, etc.
  • The events will filter into the UNCG public calendar, as University Relations verifies each is an event that is open to all. Additionally, University Relations will select four events from that calendar to feed into the UNCG home page “events tab” each day.

Questions? Contact calendar@uncg.edu.

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