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On Sept. 9 from 6-7:30 p.m. in the Alexander Room of the EUC, Dr. Omar Ali will speak on “The Global African Diaspora in the 17th Century: Peru, India and Virginia.”

It is part of the African American & African Diaspora Studies’ “A Conversation with the Community” series.

When many people think “African Diaspora,” they think about the transatlantic slave trade and African American history. The African Diaspora, however, covers a much larger space and period of time — from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic world, from the second century to the present. An exploration of three people and their respective locations during the 17th century will provide a snapshot of the global African Diaspora and a way of understanding both the shared experiences of people of African descent and the different ways in which their particular historical contexts and geographical locations either enabled or deterred their freedom.

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