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Photo of Rakkiyappan Chandran

Rakkiyappan Chandran left the remote village of Ooty, India to travel to America, and pursue a PhD in Nanoscience at UNCG’s Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering (JSNN). Chandran decided to attend UNCG because of the numerous opportunities available to scientists and engineers.

Beyond the academics, one valuable lesson Chandran learned in America is how to treat a stranger. “I’ve learned plenty of lessons, especially how to treat a stranger,” said Chandran. “I’m a stranger here, but America treated me and welcomed me so much.”

After earning his PhD, Chandra plans to enter academia to continue his research and hopefully inspire others in his hometown to study in America.


View this installment of #GlobalUNCG about international student Rakkiyappan Chandran:




Photography by Martin W. Kane, University Relations
Videography by University Relations

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