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The Weatherspoon Art Museum was awarded $150,000 through The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) Museums for America program to renovate its principal 5,382 square foot storage vault.

The vault houses 40 percent of its collection.

This is the second time the Weatherspoon has received funding from IMLS for vault renovation. An earlier grant of $150,000 enabled the museum to undertake the first phase of the overall vault renovation.

In this second phase of a three-part plan, the renovation will allow the museum to increase storage for 1,250 framed two-dimensional artwork by 20 percent and for more than 200 small to mid-size sculptures by 150 percent. The renovation also will improve and enhance safe access to the collections, provide for state-of-the-art optimal storage conditions, allow for collection growth, and increase the museum staff’s overall efficiency. Preserving the museum’s collection — part of the documentary heritage of our society and culture — is one of the core missions of the Weatherspoon.

Since 2001, the collection has grown by more than 1,149 objects.

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