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Photo of a presenter at the expoLast week, undergraduate and graduate student researchers showed their stuff with a total of 349 students participating in the two research and creativity expos. It was the first time both expos were presented on the same week, and it was very impressive.

On Wednesday, 104 graduate students presented their work at the Graduate Research and Creativity Expo and 15 went home $1000 prize winners in six different categories: Arts; Health Sciences; Humanities; Natural, Physical, and Mathematical Sciences; Professional Programs; and Social Sciences.

Participants displayed their work through posters and oral presentations. Judging was based on the quality of communication with a broad audience outside the discipline and 30 judges from the community participated.

The graduate research expo winners, and their collaborators and mentors, are listed below:


William Woods (Interior Architecture) “Enriching our experiential conversation with the historic environment.” Faculty Mentor: Jo Ramsay Leimenstoll

Health Sciences

Photo of Chancellor Gilliam at a presentationAlma Rosa Chanelo (Biology) “The Role of Naringenin on ERRα and Adipocyte Metabolism.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Yashomati Patel

Mohammad Fereydouni (Nanoscience) “Transformed Fat Cells Kill Cancer Cells.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Christopher L. Kepley

Grace Huebner, RDN (Nutrition) “Non-Dieting Focused Weight Management Curriculum in Current Accredited US Dietetic Programs.” With Dr. Jared McGuirt, PhD, M.P.H., Dr. Maryanne Perrin, PhD, M.B.A., R.D.N., Dr. Lauren Haldeman PhD, & Laurie Allen, M.Ed., R.D.N., L.D.N.  Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jared McGuirt

Melissa S. Totten (Nutrition) Sex and Genetic Factors Involved in Alterations of Behavior and Brain Iron due to Diet-Induced Obesity.” With Matthew Pierce & Dr. Keith M. Erikson. Faculty Mentor: Dr. Keith M. Erikson


Caitlin Coulter (English) “Nietzsche, Mann, Modernism: A Framework for Morality in Raymond Chandler’s Detective Fiction.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Anthony Cuda

Photo of Austin Grey at expoNatural, Physical, and Mathematical Sciences

Bhawna Bagra (Nanoscience) :Concentrate Light on Photosystem I to enhance energy conversion.” With Dr. Zheng Zeng & Dr. Taylor Mabe, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Zheng Zeng

Austin Gray (Biology) “Antibiotics in our Streams and Drinking Water: Implications on Environmental and Human Health.” With Dr. Daniel Todd & Dr. Anne E. Hershey, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Anne Hershey

Snehal Shah (Nanoscience) “Fabrication of bioinspired Polymeric Nanostructred surfaces and their potential in Nanomedicine.” With Dr. Dennis LaJuenesse, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dennis LaJuenesse

Ryan Yarbrough (Nanoscience) “Improving Industrial Efficiency with Novel Waste Heat Recovery Technology.” With Dr. Hemali Rathnayake, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Hemali P. Rathnayake

Professional Programs

Oliver M. Thomas (Educational Leadership & Cultural Foundations) “Students Can Change Systems of Oppression.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Leila E. Villaverde

Social Sciences Photo of two people at the expo

Lauren Bailes (Human Development & Family Studies) “Goodness of Fit between Maternal Emotion Regulation and Infant Temperament Associated with Later Maternal Sensitivity.” With Dr. Esther M. Leerkes. Faculty Mentor: Dr. Esther Leerkes

Amy Hewitt (Teacher Education Higher Education) “Selecting and Sequencing Children’s Mathematical Strategies for Whole-Class Discussions.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Victoria R. Jacobs

Joy Kelly (Counseling & Educational Development) “Surviving and Thriving: The Development and Validation of the Intimate Partner Violence Recovery Measure.” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Christine Murray

Huicheng Wu (Consumer, Apparel, & Retail Studies) “Open Costing in Apparel Sourcing:  Effects on Sustainability and the Buyer-Supplier Relationship.” With Dr. Nancy Hodges & Dr. Jin Su, IRB# 18-0265, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nancy Hodges & Dr. Jin Su

Read about the undergraduate expo – and its honorees – in next week’s CW.

Photos by Martin W. Kane, except photo of Austin Gray by Adam Horton.

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