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The UNCG Green Fund Committee is pleased to invite proposals from UNCG students and employees for efforts that support sustainability initiatives at UNCG. Projects may be for campus infrastructure, sustainability education, research, or professional development that benefits students.

This academic year, to quickly support and empower our campus community’s response to the pandemic, the Committee is particularly soliciting and will give special consideration to proposals that address and combat the spread of the current pandemic. Examples of such projects include, but are not limited to: bottle refill stations and automatic sensors for sinks, urinals, light switches, etc. that reduce contact points, and research on the relationship between environmental degradation and its impact on the health of communities. This is just a prioritization, not a limitation. The Committee will still consider projects that address other issues. All projects must still have an element related to sustainability.

Additionally, this academic year, the Committee will allow for proposals of any amount to be submitted at any time (1st of the month deadlines still apply) to fast track projects and move as quickly as possible in our efforts to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus. However, due to this period of economic uncertainty, the Committee will only consider projects that can be completed within one year of being awarded funding. Applicants are still encouraged to think long term but should be aware they will have to apply for project renewal in FY22.

In 2015, UNCG students elected to allocate a portion of their student activity fees toward environmental stewardship and established the Green Fund. Governed by a committee of students with assistance from faculty and staff experts, the Fund operates as a campus-based grant program. Through the Green Fund, students have invested over $250,000 in 53 projects which have provided numerous research and professional opportunities for students and faculty and save UNCG over $21,000 a year in utility costs.

Please visit the Green Fund website for more information including submission guidelines, the application form, and an FAQ. For additional questions or to schedule a consultation, please contact the Office of Sustainability: greenfund@uncg.edu

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