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Photo of dance performance during "Acquiring Dawn"Robin Gee and Duane Cyrus, both associate dance professors at UNCG, will present the Greensboro Dance Film Festival, Friday, April 4, 2014, at 7 p.m. in the UNCG Dance Theater at 1408 Walker Avenue on campus.

The festival, free and open to the public, will showcase professional and student dance works made especially for the camera. The event will also feature a panel discussion of professional dance filmmakers.

The Dance Film Festival is a collaboration between Cyrus Art Production, Gee’s Sugarfoote Productions, and the UNCG Department of Dance.

For more information, email gso.dance.films@gmail.com, Duane Cyrus at dacyrus@uncg.edu, or Robin Gee at rmgee@uncg.edu. Or call the Dance Department at 336-256-1486.

By Michelle Hines

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