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102010EyeOnArts_InquiringEyesThe Weatherspoon Art Museum exhibition “Inquiring Eyes: Greensboro Collects Art” has opened. It runs until Dec. 12.

The Weatherspoon has played a major role in educating, encouraging and promoting the community’s cultural growth and, just as the museum’s collection has developed over the years, a good number of private collections have grown into important local resources as well. Divided into seven themes, this survey exhibition features impressive artwork from the 20th and 21st centuries. While some artists may be familiar to viewers, due to name recognition or having been featured in past Weatherspoon programs, others will be fresh discoveries for many visitors.

The exhibition features 111 artists. There are 128 works from 52 private Greensboro art collections.

Visual: “On the Avenue,” by Kenneth Hayes Miller.

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