News Items from UNC Greensboro

The earthquake relief efforts and devestation in Haiti may have largely disappeared from newspaper front pages. But efforts for relief continue on campus.

Some examples:

  • The National Pan-Hellenic Council and Neo-Black Society sponsored a very successful event Feb. 12, raising $756 for relief efforts. The Sapphires, Neo-Black Society Choir and Spartan Force were among those performing.
  • More than 175 hygiene kits have been assembled. With support from Dr. Linda Danford (Classical Studies) and members of her church, they will be sent out next week.
  • Athletics, including staff members, athletes and coaches, contributed by donating at least a dollar per person. They then took the funds collected and bought the necessary materials to form 51 hygiene kits. Athletics had a kit-assembly “pizza party” on Feb. 19 – a lot of fun, CW is told. In addition, the women’s soccer team purchased shirts, the proceeds going to Haiti, and the baseball team raised $100 for Pinch Hit for Haiti.
  • The Office of Leadership and Service-Learning and student leaders such as Reem Disu, a senior in Communication Studies, are organizing a “Haiti Awareness Week, Solidarity Through Education,” April 5-9. Other groups are involved as well. Disu’s idea is that in addition to fundraising, our campus can honor the Haitian struggle through educating ourselves about Haiti’s history and heritage.

More information is at the campus’ Haiti relief blog.

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