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Scenic campus photo of the QuadAs temperatures peak, so does the opportunity to appreciate the organizational acumen of UNCG’s Housing & Residence Life.

With SOAR students and families as well as summer campers coming and going, the residence halls have to be maintained with precision. And of course there’s the preparation for the incoming students in August.

Everyone in H&RL depends heavily on communication and team-work. To ensure they keep things in order, the leaders have meetings every Thursday, where they go through what has to be taken care of to make everything run smoothly.

In a recent meeting, they discussed four camps using UNCG housing facilities this month. The meeting involved a walkthrough of where the students were going to be, making sure they know about the details and any instances where camp schedules may overlap. There is SOAR as well as camps to juggle, so housing strategies must be organized months in advance. Still, there are day by day adjustments.

Ed Keller, Associate Director of Operations, notes that: every year, HRL plans to paint at least one building – that building will be closed for the summer. And sometimes building projects, such as this year’s renovations at Grogan hall, take a building out of commission temporarily.

Steve Raye, maintenance supervisor in H&RL, stresses the importance of coordination. Mary Davis-Jones, HRL coordinator, gathers all the information and assimilates it. Rhonda Strader manages the smaller renovation projects, such as painting. Many are involved. Teamwork is key.

A big focus for the university right now is student move-in and welcoming thousands of students to their campus homes. The process a dozen years ago was different – all students moving in at the same time, in all areas of the campus. For greater efficiency for everyone, the students now move in over three days, and the process occurs geographically. Staff and many volunteers help the students move in. H&RL works with Dining Services, Campus Police, New Student & Spartan Family Programs, the Sustainability office and other offices to ensure it all goes smoothly for the students.

Once the students move in in August, the “summer” is over. And the new semester brings its own professional rewards and challenges, as H&RL ensures the students have what they need for a successful year.

By Christina Blankenship and Mike Harris

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