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071311Feature_HRSQuestions about Reduction in Force (RIF) were among many addressed at the July 7 HRS Forum. Deb Carley, director of personnel services, talked at length about the RIF process, adding, “I know it’s weighing on everybody’s mind.”

Dr. Alan Boyette, vice provost, noted that these forums are for EPA and SPA employees. Sitting on the front row, he helpfully provided additional information related to EPA employees.

Steve Honeycutt (Financial Services) spoke as well, explaining that UNCG’s institutional budget cut this year will be 15.3 percent. Boyette added that this year’s lower projected enrollment will result in a loss of funds as well.

Some items noted during the questions and answers:

  • The summer’s second open enrollment for state health insurance will run through July 29. Full details are here. “Participate if you want to make a change,” Carley said. You must do it online. Due to the fact that some may be away for an extended time over the summer, a third open enrollment period will be announced for a brief period after the semester begins.
  • If a person is RIF’ed, they will receive a sheet with lots of information regarding what they are due, Carley said.
  • Those being RIF’ed will be given 30 days notice, she also said.
  • The HRS web site is a source for information.

The value of forums like this, according to Honeycutt? “Relieving anxiety,” he replied.

“We’re giving people the truth,” Carley added, saying that if they don’t know the answer they let the attendees know that.

About 60 people attended the July 7 forum. About 50 people attended the July 6 forum as well, she said, a mix of EPA and SPA. At that one, new HRS associate vice chancellor Edna Chun had been able to attend and speak.

Visual: Deb Carley speaks at the July 7 forum
By Mike Harris
Photograph by Mike Harris

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