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Sarah Pickett, an administrative support specialist in the Bryan School, died September 7. 

Pickett had worked in the Undergraduate Student Services Office since 2014 and was the first point of contact for students and visitors. She was herself a proud Spartan who graduated from the Bryan School in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and, while working full time, was earning a master’s degree from UNCG in student affairs administration in higher education. Sarah is remembered by her colleagues and professors for her passion for working with college students.

Pickett’s advisor Laura Gonzales offered the following comments:

“Sarah was a diligent and resourceful staff member in the Bryan School, and a very motivated and forward-thinking student in the SAAHE program. She was busy juggling many balls as a full time employee and part-time student, but she was so enthusiastic about her education every time we spoke. She had researched many interest areas for her concentration classes, including classes at other nearby schools or independent studies she could build related to international students and study abroad. Because of her diligent searching, she was also able to help some other students connect with these opportunities, which benefited them as well. Sarah was always building capacity in herself and others, and was a caring and selfless cohort member. Even after her surgeries when she was retraining herself in language and memory, she would kindly ask me how I was doing every time we talked and was continuing to plan for her successful completion of the master’s degree. I think the words persistent, resilient, and undaunted are completely appropriate ways to describe Sarah as a student, just as kind, compassionate, and enthusiastic describe her as a person. There is so much I have learned from her example.”

April Judge, a colleague said:

“Sarah was a true Spartan and cheerleader in our office. She had unwavering devotion to life, servitude, and her alma mater. She was a real Champion in the face of adversity, always triumphing with a graceful attitude and commitment to those she served and worked with. Her encouraging smile and sweet spirit made coming to work easy because she supported all of us and we were her work family embraced by her love and devotion to our team.”

Dr. Brad Johnson, graduate program director for the master’s of education program in SAAHE shared, “Sarah was such a good student in the program ‒ I was personally excited to see what she would conquer next after graduating, because her passion and interest was so strong with working with college students.”

Gail Pack, her supervisor wrote, “Her caring spirit and desire to leave this place better than she found it will live on with me.”  

Dean of the Bryan School McRae C. Banks said about Pickett, “She showed grace and poise when assisting our students, helping them to identify solutions in times of stress or de-escalating situations if emotions ran high…She will always be remembered by her colleagues as a true friend that could make each of us smile in the hardest of times.”

A memorial service was held at 2 p.m., Saturday, September 11, 2021 at Christ Community Church in Pinehurst.

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