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Thomas Bernard Scullion, Jr., died July 8.

He was a faculty member in the UNCG Department of Social Work for 19 years and served as chair. Before coming to UNCG in 1989, he was an administrator and social worker at a medical school. He also served in the Army as a first lieutenant early in his life.

UNCG colleagues attest that he was instrumental in building the department and its curriculum.

He conducted research in Scotland and facilitated an exchange program there with the University of Strathclyde School of Social Work and Social Policy. He also helped to plan the Joint Master of Social Work degree program with NC A&T University.

Scullion had impact across the state, traveling frequently to Raleigh to advocate for Social Work Licensure in North Carolina, so that clinical social workers could provide services statewide.

“Tom was quite a character and was truly passionate about the people and things he cared about, even if sometimes it went against the established systems,” recalled former UNCG staff member Barbara Wike. “He was always humble about any accomplishments and avoided social gatherings as much as possible. One he did attend and enjoyed was the 20-year celebration of Joint Master of Social Work Program at the international Civil Rights Museum in 2018.”

“Over the years, around 75 UNCG students studied in Scotland, and around 30 Scottish students came to UNCG to study in alternate summers,” said Professor of Social Work Elizabeth W. Lindsey. “After his retirement, Tom created a departmental fund that supported student and faculty travel to participate in study abroad. His dedication to providing these enriching, live-changing experiences has left a lasting legacy in the Department of Social Work and UNCG.”

Another colleague remembers:

“Tom was an amazing soul who could tell a good story and who had an amazing vision for social work in our community — BSW, JMSW and PhD all with the NC A&T/UNCG connection…Tom’s smile and wry honor lives on in my mind and heart.”

He is honored at UNCG by the Thomas B. Scullion International Program Award for students studying abroad and majoring in social work.

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