News Items from UNC Greensboro

Woodrow “Woodie” McDougald died Feb. 7 in Moses Cone Hospital. He was a member of the UNCG Broadcast and Cinema faculty for several decades, as well as an engineer in the department, before retiring from the university in the mid-1990’s. He is remembered as being a great teacher who cared deeply about his students – and for being a tough guy. “He wasn’t afraid to climb a TV tower,” Matt Barr says. He told Barr of some of his WW II experiences as a teenager in the Underwater Demolitions Team (a forerunner of Navy SEALS) in the Pacific theater, where he was held prisoner for a time. “He was a war hero,” Barr says, and afterward became a radio engineer. In his career, he also worked for UNC-TV. Barr notes that McDougald engineered the UNC-TV programs produced in the Carmichael Building.

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