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Photo of landscape in front of libraryYou may have noticed some landscaping changes in recent weeks as you enter the main entrance of Jackson Library. Get ready for more in coming weeks.

The wet soil from excessive July rains delayed work for much of this month, but by Friday it had dried enough to continue the project – at least for one day. New Earth Design crafted the landscape design.

“They’re installing zoysia grass,” Barry Miller (University Libraries) explained. It is a more sustainable grass requiring low maintenance.

About 80 percent of the $25,000 goal has been raised, he said, explaining that the new landscaping is being paid by private, Friends of the UNCG Libraries contributions – not state dollars or student dollars.

More than one type of holly is being used, as well as more than one type of magnolia. Graham Blandy boxwood, dwarf Burford hollies and Youpon hollies, Kay Parris magnolias and Jane magnolias, hydrangeas, flowering Karley Rose fountain grass, colorful shrubs, annuals and perennials are also part of the design.

Decades ago, crabapples near the portico were a focal point. Now, Yoshino cherry trees will be a focal point.

Bluestone slate steppers will lead people to the wall, where they can sit and relax – and perhaps talk with friends and colleagues. Or simply people-watch or enjoy the beauty.

The idea is for the portico landscape to regain its status as one of the focal points of the university. Alumni from earlier decades recall the front area as a particularly beautiful spot. The Friends want it to be a place people will want to take pictures, former Friends board member Laura Tew has said. She spearheaded the project, which is nearing completion.

If only the rains will hold off….

Full story – with landscape drawing and fundraising information – is at the FOL blog.

By Mike Harris
Visual: The ground has been prepared for the plantings

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