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UNCG is launching a faculty-led Internationalization Task Force which will assess current internationalization efforts and develop strategies for implementation for the next 18 months.

Due by December 2011, the report will include recommendations for increasing the number of international experiences for students and faculty, global research networks; and international students on campus; integration of study abroad into the curriculum; and international grants.

“With the declaration of internationalization as one of its five strategic directions, UNCG has committed itself to integrating international and intercultural perspectives and experiences into its teaching, learning and service,” said Provost David H. Perrin in his charge to the Task Force. “Working in a concerted collaborative and inclusive manner, UNCG can improve its approach to international education, make it contribute to the benefit of the entire university community, and gain the recognition the university deserves.”

The task force is co-chaired by Dr. Penelope Pynes, associate provost for international programs, and Dr. Jerry Pubantz, dean of Lloyd International Honors College.

Other members are Dr. Susan Andreatta (Anthropology); Dr. Alan Boyette (Office of the Provost); Dr. Roberto Campo (Romance Languages); Dr. David Cardenas (Recreation, Tourism & Hospitality Management); Dr. Sarah Carrigan (Institutional Research); Dr. Micheline Chalhoub-Deville (Educational Research Methodology); Dr. C.P. Gause (Teacher Education & Higher Education); Dr. Kevin Lowe (Business Administration); Dr. Kathleen Macfie (German, Russian & Japanese Studies); Dr. Anna Marshall-Baker (Interior Architecture); Dr. David Nelson (Music); Dr. Cathryne Schmitz (Social Work); and Dr. Anita Tesh (Nursing). Assisting the taskforce will be Stephen Flynn, who is serving as administrative assistant to the taskforce.

To assist the effort, UNCG has joined the American Council on Education (ACE) Internationalization Collaborative, a group of more than 100 institutions that helps faculty and administrators to share ideas and strategies for furthering international agendas.

UNCG also is among eight institutions that have been selected to participate in the ACE Internationalization Laboratory for 2010-11. The laboratory assists institutions in assessing the challenges and opportunities of implementing comprehensive internationalization strategies. Further information about the laboratory, is available here http://www.acenet.edu/AM/Template.cfm?Section=News_Room&TEMPLATE=/CM/ContentDisplay.cfm&CONTENTID=38276.

Dr. Barbara Hill, senior associate with ACE’s Center for International Initiatives, conducted a site visit to UNCG on Oct. 13 and met with senior administrators. She also conducted a roundtable discussion with the taskforce and key stakeholders.

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