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A majority of the campus’ web sites are in compliance with university guidelines.

One example is the Graduate School’s newly updated site, which premiered earlier this summer.

Programs and departments that have not yet updated to the unit web site requirements (UWSR) published last August may review them at http://ioc.uncg.edu/uwsr/.

The deadline for compliance is Aug. 30. (See https://uc.uncg.edu/prod/cweekly/2012/04/24/unitwebsitecompliance/ for details.)

If your site is not in compliance, what should you do?

Your request for an extension or exemption must be made in writing to the Internet Oversight Committee (IOC). Their decision on a possible extension will be based on the criteria within the request. You may send your request to Todd Sutton (tasutton@uncg.edu) or Lyda Carpen (lacarpen@uncg.edu), co-chairs of the IOC.

Should a web site be found to not be in compliance, the committee – as a first step – will notify the divisional webmaster and site’s maintainer/developer in writing, with a copy to that person’s dean or associate vice chancellor.

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