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040611NewsAndNotes_QRCodeJackson Library now uses QR (“quick response”) codes. They have these outside all of their collaboratories.

Any student or faculty member may scan the QR code on their smartphone to go to the room’s reservation form. Once there, they can see when the room will be available and reserve it for their own group’s use. The QR code seen here, when scanned, will take you to the University Libraries’ homepage.

Many smartphones have built-in QR code readers, and for those whose phones do not include them, there are free and low-cost apps available for download. Once the app is on your phone, all you need to do is point the phone’s camera on the code, and, voila, the code is activated.

Campus Weekly readers with smartphones may want to try to scan the code that accompanies this story to see how it works. Those with questions may contact Kimberly Lutz (University Libraries).

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