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Photo of Jeanne Madorin

Photo of Jeanne MadorinJeanne Madorin’s first day at UNCG was Feb. 6.

Campus Weekly asked the new Chief Human Resources Officer and Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources her impressions of UNCG so far. What stands out? “The people – from the first interviews on. They’ve been very welcoming. Everyone is so great.”

She is impressed with the campus. “The campus is beautiful – a lot of history. It’s so nice to see historical buildings and the newer ones.”

And she has enjoyed speaking with students. “They’re so active and engaged.”

Jeanne (two syllables, by the way) Madorin comes to UNCG from UNC Charlotte, where she served as the Executive Director of Human Resources. She had served in the UNC Charlotte Human Resources Office for the past 26 years – serving as Executive Director since 2014, Director of Employee Relations, Training and Compliance and Title IX Coordinator 2002-14, and Assistant Director of Human Resources and Staff Employment 1992-2002. Earlier, she was Employment Coordinator at The Methodist Home in Charlotte, and before that, she held human resource positions in St. Louis, Missouri.

She holds a bachelor’s of science degree in management from Maryville University in St. Louis, Missouri.

Her first objectives, in her initial weeks here? “To learn about UNCG, the campus. And to build relationships. To learn how things are done here. And I want to understand how the HR department can help the University achieve its goals.”

“I’m new. And very interested in how things are done here.”

And she’ll begin to assess her department. “How are we doing? The areas where HR is strong? And what are areas for improvement?”

She is inspired by “being a part of the solution” and a resource for people, she said. “Whether helping a person or a department with benefits, or with hiring, [in human resources] you’re a helpful part of the process from day one.”

She shared a bit about her background and family. “My husband and I have two sons. One is a high school teacher. The other is a firefighter. My daughter-in-law works with K-12 children as a Deaf educator. She is an alum from here. And she is an adjunct instructor here at the School of Education.”

She wants to get to know you. She has a request for UNCG staff and faculty: “Say Hi and introduce yourself. And tell me what you do and about your area.”

By Mike Harris
Photograph by Martin W. Kane

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