News Items from UNC Greensboro

A new Language Exchange Program will pair English speakers with speakers of foreign languages. The pairs meet weekly in a neutral location and spend half of their time conversing in English and the other half conversing in the foreign language. The program is ideal for those who have the basics of the other language and wish to improve their conversational skills. In order to maintain an international focus, celebrate different cultural backgrounds and build a greater sense of community on campus, the program will pair students with staff, staff with faculty, and faculty with students. The program seeks people interested in this volunteer opportunity. 

It is seeking English speakers who also can speak some Spanish, Arabic, French, or another language as well as speakers of other languages who would wish to practice English. All participants will need to attend an orientation session at UNCG.

For more information or to volunteer, contact Daniel Foster at dfoster@faihouse.org or 379-0037, ext. 7.

Foster is a senior studying political science and serves as an Americorps Member through the Center for New North Carolinians. His service site is Faith Action International House, where he is Language Program Assistant.

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