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Jo Ramsey Leimenstoll will receive the UNCG Graduate School’s Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award.

This award acknowledges and honors a person who has enjoyed outstanding success in mentoring graduate students. $1,000 and a plaque will be presented at April’s Excellence Convocation to recognize her outstanding contributions to graduate education.

The committee cited that her range of depth and breadth of knowledge in her field clearly transcended to extensive mentoring in meaningful and purposeful ways for her students, in keeping with the true spirit of mentoring and for which this award is given.

The committee also commended her for connecting students to ‘internships and positions nationally’ while mentoring almost half of the graduate students. This is no easy feat and yet she also found time to serve on 15 graduate committees, obtain large grants for the university, and stay relevant and true to the spirit of UNCG and the community it serves. She has fostered student and post-graduate professional development, which was clearly illustrated by her former student and professional colleague recommendations.

Copy courtesy UNCG Graduate School
Visual: Jo Ramsay Leimenstoll onsite at the Main Street Fellows Program in Rutherfordton, NC. Photo by Martin W. Kane

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