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This Letter to the Editor from Provost Dana Dunn was published in the Dec. 5, 2019, News and Record:


Regarding the Associated Press story “UNCG faces lawsuit over harassment, retaliation” (Dec. 4):

UNCG is fully committed to providing an inclusive, safe, non-discriminatory environment for learning, living and working — and to thoroughly investigating any allegations of incidents that run counter to these fundamental requirements and principles.

We have read the recent media coverage of the lawsuit that includes UNCG and our nursing school. While it is unfortunate that the plaintiff’s attorney has endeavored to try this case through the media, it is inappropriate for us to share details in the press and outside of the formal, and more complete, legal process.

We are fully confident the facts of this case will show the allegations related to UNCG are not true. As our filings in this case have demonstrated, the plaintiff cannot establish a connection between her dismissal from the program and her harassment claim.

We must be absolutely clear: We will not allow any student to receive a degree they have not earned from any program at UNCG when the academic and/or clinical record is clear that one has not been earned — especially in a lifesaving discipline like nursing.

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