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Photo of Dr. Seung-Hyun Lee at kickball gameThe faculty won big. The Animal Shelter won bigger.

“We’ve got a beautiful day for a ball game don’t we,” Ray Carney (Chemistry & Biochemistry) announced from the mound just before the inaugural UNCG Faculty vs. Staff Kickball game. It was part of a drive for the Guilford County Animal Shelter.

“The truck is almost full. If nothing else, that makes it a success,” he said.

Chancellor Brady threw, um, rolled out the first pitch. The National Anthem was played. And Carney announced, “Let the game begin.”

Faculty scored first 1-0. Staff left a runner stranded on third in the bottom of the first.

The Faculty team started a chant: “One to zip, one to zip.” Dr. Vidya Gargeya (Bryan School) and Dr. Beth Walker (Women & Gender Studies), both sporting a large Spartan daisy in their hair, were literally dancing.

Dr. Anthony Chow (LIS) kicked the first home run, to center field.

“Eight – zip,” Gargeya informed the crowd. “Ten – zero, ten- zero,” he announced later in the inning.

Dr. Chris Poulos (Communication Studies) kicked the game’s second home run.

After three innings, the score was 14 to 0, as Faculty dominated. Gargeya and Walker used their bodies to spell out the winning team’s name: CAT HERD.

233 were in attendance, Jason Marshburn (Emergency Management) said.

The first Staff player to score? Kelly Bailey Meris (Graduate School). The scoreboard read 24-2 when the game came to an end.

But the real score was found inside the Animal Shelter drive truck. Doug Taylor (Bryan School) and other members of the Staff Senate Off-Campus Service Committee were still collecting items in the late innings. Seven large containers were full and packed up; two were half-full. About 2,000 pounds of animal food had been collected, he explained. A variety of donations were made, including animal bedding.

Jan Albrecht (ITS) noted that Marsha Williams, director of the shelter, had been on hand. She told them that quantity of donations will save hundreds of animals’ lives, said Albrecht, who chairs the committee. A great team of staff members had been a part of the successful drive, she noted – and that it was a campuswide effort. Plus more would come in, in the following days. “Everyone had a hand in making it successful.”

There is already talk on campus of a rematch next year. Till then, faculty can savor the win.

By Mike Harris
Visual: Dr. Seung-Hyun Lee (Media Studies) boots the ball for the Faculty. Photo by Clayton English.


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