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Lloyd International Honors College (LIHC) announces the 2014-15 Chancellor’s Resident Fellows competition. Central to the mission and work of Lloyd International Honors College are the talented UNCG faculty who teach the LIHC’s courses and interact with its students. For the 2014-15 academic year the LIHC will appoint one Chancellor’s Resident Fellow who will teach full-time in LIHC and participate in the life of the College throughout the year.

In Lloyd International Honors College all classes are small seminars that allow the Fellow to teach the subject matter in new ways and on topics that he or she may not get the chance to teach in the scholar’s own department. In addition to a Fellow’s teaching stipend, the faculty member also receives a research award to be used during the year of the Fellowship.

The Fellowship is open to all full time UNCG faculty. Fellows receive, in addition to their regular salary, a $4,000 teaching stipend and a $3,000 research stipend, both payable only during the year of the Fellowship.

If you are interested in securing the Fellowship position, please submit an application letter, approved by your department head and dean, to Lloyd International Honors College (205 Foust building) by Friday, Nov. 15, 2013. The department head and dean should note this approval by affixing their signatures to the bottom of the application letter. Among other items you may wish to enclose, the submitted application should include your curriculum vitae, a list of the courses you have taught over the previous two years, a proposal of the courses you would like to teach during your year in the Honors College with as much specificity as possible, a statement of interest that should address what you might contribute to the mission and work of the College (particularly its commitment to an international perspective), and a brief description of your research agenda.

The selection will be based on the curricular needs of Lloyd International Honors College, the candidate’s qualifications, his or her teaching proposal, and the candidate’s strengths in terms of multidisciplinary studies and global engagement.

If you have questions about the Fellowship Program or your application, contact Dean Jerry Pubantz at 256-2579 or by email at j_pubant@uncg.edu.

For details, visit http://honorscollege.uncg.edu/faculty/fellows-program.htm

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