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Detail of the UNCG Mobile app home screen showing the LiveSafe tile.

LiveSave – the mobile app that lets students, parents, faculty, and staff engage with UNCG Police – now has a new design and added features.

Accessed through the UNCG Mobile app or as a stand-alone app, LiveSafe puts a variety of services at your fingertips, such as:

  • SafeWalk: Virtually walk family, friends, and colleagues home or to another destination by monitoring their location on a real-time map.
  • Emergency: Call or message for immediate help.
  • Report Suspicious Activity: See something? Have a concern? Share it with UNCG Police.
  • Report Incident: Did something happen that UNCG Police should know about? Provide the info here.

Other features include many non-emergency tips such as resources for mental health, harassment, theft, and other events.

Be sure to download the UNCG Mobile app (the one with our logo and the blue background) from the Google or iTunes app store, where you can access LiveSafe through the LiveSafe tile on the mobile home screen.

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