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Photo of Kevin Siler (Grounds) helped guide students as they plantedThe woodland of UNCG’s Peabody Park just got a little bigger.

Dr. Elizabeth Lacey’s graduate level conservation biology class undertook a tree planting project last Tuesday (Jan. 27) along the slope near McIver parking deck. The students worked with Kevin Siler (UNCG Grounds) to carefully plant the trees.

By protecting and expanding Peabody Park, UNCG is providing habitat for woodland animals.

Adding the trees will help stabilize the slope, said Chad Carwein (UNCG Office of Sustainability). Dr. John Lepri (Biology) added that the trees will help clean the water flowing into the creek.

Lacey likes that her students are getting hands-on experience in habitat restoration.

She explains that when the chiller system was installed at the south end of McIver parking deck, that portion of Peabody Park woods was scoured to make room for vehicles. “Students are now restoring the area by speeding up the process of ecological succession. In several more years when the pine trees form a canopy layer, hardwoods native to the Piedmont will be able to naturally reestablish themselves underneath.”

About 30 loblolly pines, a native species, were planted by the students.

By Mike Harris
Visual: Kevin Siler (Grounds) helped guide students as they planted.

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