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Everyone associated with UNCG – students, faculty, staff and even alumni and donors – uses Ellucian’s Banner system, which is designed specifically for institutions of higher education.

Banner allows faculty, staff and students to add and retrieve data, and keeps that data current, consistent and available to multiple departments across the university. Its scope reaches admissions, registration, alumni information, campaign management, financial aid, human resources, payroll and all finance information. The Banner system includes an administrative component, INB (Internet Native Banner) and a self-service interface known to campus as “UNCGenie.”

Now, it’s poised for a big change, from Banner 8 to Banner 9.

The change is a necessary end-of-life transition, according to Kristine Sunda, executive director of Banner 9 Implementation at UNCG. All customers of Banner must migrate to the new version, which will be a more sustainable, and powerful system, leading to greater capability and easier access to information.  

“The version is web friendly and meets web browser standards,” said Sunda. “It equips us for new features and positions us for integration with other higher education products.”

The transition, led by the Integrated Futures Team, is part of UNCG’s overall technology transformation to improve business processes and data governance, and the benefits of Banner 9 are compatible with UNCG’s focus on sustainability and access. Administrative areas will have a user interface or navigation change that makes data more retrievable, simplifying operations for staff. Paper processing and outdated localizations will be updated with digital imaging and automated workflows.

For students and advisors, the advising experience will become more streamlined with helpful advising information readily visible on students’ profiles. This spring the campus community will have access to an integrated online catalog. By next fall, students and advisers will use  integrated registration that provides a degree audit and planning program to them via DegreeWorks.

The transition to Banner 9 is the first step in an overarching ENGAGE (Equipping the Next Generation with Access, Growth, and Enrichment) initiative that began in January 2017 and will continue through the next two to three years. Currently, the Integrated Futures Team is conducting training sessions for deans, directors, department chairs, academic advisers and other staff.  Student data information sessions will be offered through March to equip staff, faculty and advisers for the data transition. Beginning in January 2018, Banner 9 Navigation training will be available to any faculty and staff who are current users of Banner 8 INB.

“The switch to Banner 9 is really the foundational piece,” said Sunda, who has worked closely with the steering committee and Provost Dr. Dana Dunn. “It’s the first step to positioning us to do all the greater things that we want to do – exciting transformative things. It establishes a level of maturity that allows us to become more digitally integrated as a campus.”

The Integrated Futures Team includes Kristine Sunda, Morgan Allen, John Lucas, Elizabeth Cranford, Dale Wasson, Nora Reynolds, Sarah Carrigan, Joella Anderson, Jackie Jenkins, Sean Farrell, Donna Balser, Brandi Hagerman and Craig Montgomery.

For more information about the transition to Banner 9, visit the ENGAGE website.

By Susan Kirby-Smith

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