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Lee Martin (Grounds)

Eight inches of snow hit UNCG last Wednesday. Offices and classes were closed Wednesday and Thursday, reopening Friday at noon. Many staff worked to ensure the students were cared for and the university continued to operate.

From Dining Services making sure the students and support staff had breakfast, lunch and dinner at the dining hall (see tweet) to Housing & Residential Life making sure the students’ needs were cared for, the unexpectedly large snowfall was dealt with.

UNCG Grounds staff led the effort of clearing the snow and ice.

“We started before the event,” said Tom White. “We wanted to be a pre-emptive as we could.”

Jeff Hawkins (Grounds) noted they applied several hundred gallons of brine before the snow hit Wednesday. It began before daybreak and continued till late in the evening.

Chris Cardwell (Grounds)

They made a “gigantic effort” as the snowfall ended to clear the snow and ice. Offices reopened and classes resumed at noon Friday.

White explained that they hired a contactor to clear streets and parking lots.

They focused on clearing the rest (and did some work on the parking lots themselves later in the week)..

“The guys (in Grounds) have worked overtime the last days,” he said in a brief interview at the Grounds shop Friday morning.

Terry Goins (Grounds) was in the Grounds shop, preparing to go back out. He noted their approach to dealing with the remaining snow that day (Friday): “We’ll work longer hours.” He noted that part of their morning work was applying ice-melt to walkways – and they’d “hit the parking lots” again that day too.

Robbie Gray (Facilities/Maintenance)

At midday on Friday, Robbie Gray (Facilities) was clearing snow near employee back entrances at Coleman Building, where he works in Maintenance for the building. Jeff Hawkins (Grounds) on a Bobcat and Lee Martin (Grounds) on a bulldozer cleared additional snow off walkways at the Quad. Hawkins spread more ice-melt.

Eight inches of snow is a lot.

Text and photos by Mike Harris. 

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