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If you can’t bring the people to healthy food, says Dr. Marianne LeGreco (Communication Studies), bring healthy food to the people.

When the Guilford County Department of Public Health identified no fewer than 15 food deserts – areas marked by poverty and distance from grocery stores – in the county, LeGreco, who specializes in food policy and public health communication, stepped up to help.

LeGreco worked with the Department of Public Health and a citizen taskforce in one “desert,” the Warnersville community south of Lee Street, to organize a Farmers’ Market that supplies fresh foods to residents in their own backyard. She stresses that the push for a farmers’ market in Warnersville is a group effort, involving area residents and numerous community partners.

The Warnersville Farmers’ Market, located at 400 West Whittington Street adjacent to Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, opened in April and will run into the early fall. Hours are 3-7 p.m. on Thursdays, and all comers are welcome.

LeGreco volunteers her time at the market and at Prince of Peace Lutheran’s community garden. She also recruits students from her classes that focus on public health communication.

Full story at UNCG News.

By Michelle Hines

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