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The Bryan School of Business and Economics today launched its brand-new online Master of Science in International Business.

The new degree program will welcome its inaugural class this fall and is designed to produce world-class leaders who drive organizational performance in an interconnected world.

“Through hands-on, cross-cultural experiences, students will prepare to become exceptional problem solvers in a wide range of international industries,” said Bryan School Dean McRae C. Banks. “We are excited to be the first such program in the UNC System.”

Through both curriculum and experiential learning, the online program will develop business leaders with a global mindset who understand core business concepts.

“We’ve designed the MS in International Business program to foster an interactive dialogue between a diverse group of students and faculty through a global online classroom,” said Dr. Vas Taras, program director. “Faculty and students will come together within multicultural teams to learn about international business and solve business problems while operating across borders and across time zones.”

The MS in International Business program is focused on organizational behavior and cross-cultural management. Highlights of the program include:

Global business development: Students will gain a strong foundation in the practice of global business. Courses in International Marketing, International Entrepreneurship and International Business Strategy are designed to arm students with the ability to create or transform established businesses in innovative ways to thrive in a complex global environment.

Intercultural immersion: Students will work with faculty and fellow students from extremely diverse backgrounds. Interactions during lectures, discussions, case studies and group projects provide students with exposure to vast viewpoints and help develop their intercultural skills. Courses such as Cross-Cultural Management and Leadership in International Environments will provide students with an appreciation and understanding of how different cultural, economic and political factors drive business.

Experiential learning: A Global Projects course will combine coursework and students’ experiences to solve real-world problems for organizations as part of a global team.

The Bryan School has been offering graduate-level business education for over 40 years. This new program leverages the school’s strong foundation, the global expertise of faculty, its diverse set of students and advances in technology to offer students meaningful and relevant courses.

The program can be completed in one year full time, or in two years part time. For full eligibility requirements, tuition costs and further details, please visit bryan.uncg.edu/msib.

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