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It’s finally time to say goodbye to McIver Building.

“Soft demolition” – the removal of all materials inside and outside of the building (flooring, drywall, windows, fixtures, etc.) – will be complete by the end of this week.

The work of the excavator and concrete jaw crusher (used like a giant nutcracker) begins Wednesday, April 4, and is scheduled to finish up around May 9.

Some may anticipate that it will sound loud, but the Rodgers/DPR Construction management team said most of the time noise level will not reach much higher than the sounds made by a garbage truck.

“Most of the noise will be the backup alarms (of the demolition machines),” said Bill Chatfield, UNCG’s design project manager for the new Nursing and Instructional Building.

Dust resulting from the demolition will be controlled with water hoses.

Visit thebigbuild.uncg.edu for the latest construction updates and alerts.

By Elizabeth L. Harrison
Photography by Martin W. Kane 

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