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Photo from the Department of Defense of veterans holding flags

Photo from the Department of Defense of veterans holding flags It’s official. Starting May 2014, UNCG will observe Memorial Day as a university holiday.

On that day, offices will be closed and classes will not be held.

For EPA faculty, SPA staff and 12-month faculty another date will be added – pursuant to state requirements – which will be covered with accrued vacation time, bonus leave, compensatory time or leave without pay. In 2014 that date will be December 30.

The scheduling will ensure the same number of class hours for students as before.

Chancellor Linda P. Brady, who has advocated this change to the university calendar, gave her official approval earlier this week.

Dr. Susan Shelmerdine, chair of the Faculty Senate’s Academic Policies and Regulations Committee, brought a resolution of support for the calendar change before the Faculty Senate Oct. 2. The senate’s vote was unanimous.

Staff Senate was supportive of the change as well. They discussed it at their May meeting, and last week they voted unanimously in favor of the change.

On Memorial Day, most schools are closed. Many offices in the private sector are closed.

The change will allow UNCG students and employees to more readily honor those Americans who’ve fallen in military service.

“UNCG is recognized as a military-friendly university,” said Chancellor Linda P. Brady. “Making Memorial Day an official university holiday reinforces our commitment to veterans, service members and their families.”

By Mike Harris
Photograph by DOD, public domain

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