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Photo of Michele Laudenbacher holing SECC "I Support" signMichele Laudenbacher was just 29 years old when she was first diagnosed with cancer.

“I spent five long years dealing with everything that comes along with a first-time cancer diagnosis,” she said. “In your late 20s, you still believe you have the rest of your life ahead of you. Those thoughts become distant when you receive a cancer diagnosis.”

Now a three-time cancer survivor and budget/finance manager for the Office of the Provost, Laudenbacher uses the SECC as a way to support the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF) – an organization that has had a tremendous impact on her life and the lives of so many other women.

“Research involving all cancers is critically important. Through OCRF, new drugs and treatments have been developed, and doctors now have a better understanding of how this cancer spreads.”

Laudenbacher is one of many UNCG employees using the SECC as a way to share their story. While supporting OCRF allows her to give back to a cause that has directly impacted her life, Laudenbacher and her husband also support several other organizations that do great work in the community, including The Pastor’s Pantry and the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation.

Laudenbacher encourages the UNCG community to take some time and research the long list of charities you can support through the SECC.

“The website search feature is the perfect tool in which to explore and learn about charities that may not be as well known. Most everyone has heard of Susan G. Komen and Wounded Warrior Project, but how many people know about the Be Loud! Sophie Foundation or the Fort Bragg-based Patriot Foundation?”

To share your story with SECC and to help the university reach its goal of raising $200,000, visit secc.uncg.edu to learn more and access the ePledge system. All contributions are confidential and tax-deductible.

By Alyssa Bedrosian

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