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Photo of students and family in car
Photo of students and family in car

On Wednesday, June 3, Moss Street Partnership School staff and administration recognized 62 fifth-grade students in a “Moving Up” promotion ceremony to celebrate the students’ transition from elementary to middle school. 

This is the second year the school, operated by UNC Greensboro in partnership with Rockingham County Schools, has been in operation. Last year, the inaugural graduating class included 59 students.

In the absence of a face-to-face event, families decorated their cars for the celebratory drive-thru of the Moss Street parking lot, where teachers presented each student with end-of-year awards, promotion certificates, and a special memory book. The book was printed from a digital project students and teachers created since transitioning to remote learning earlier in the school year.

“Moss Street is a special place, with state-of-the-art resources and world-class teachers,” said UNCG Chancellor Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr. “It is also home to a special group of students, rising sixth graders who have demonstrated their commitment to learning despite the challenges of remote instruction. We applaud your achievement and are excited to see a second class of graduates advance to the next level of their academic journey. Thank you to the families for their support, and to the exceptional partnership we have with Rockingham County Schools and the Moss Street community.”

Located in Rockingham County, North Carolina, Moss Street is a school for kindergarten through fifth graders emphasizing experiential learning that is authentic, active, learner-centered, challenging, and literacy-rich.

Photo of car outside of school with principal and staff on sidewalk
Photo of families posing by "Moving' Up" sign

Photography by Martin W. Kane, University Communications

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