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For staff and faculty looking to make a difference in the community, the Moss Street Partnership School in Reidsville is accepting donations of backpacks and food. Some students may not have enough to eat on the weekends, or may not be able to purchase school supplies. Every Friday, teachers at Moss Street collect donations and distribute them to those students in need.

Donations of food and other student necessities are being collected in a box in the UNCG School of Education Building. Students may not be able to prepare food, so non-perishable ready to eat items such as granola bars, crackers, and fruit cups are ideal. The school is also in need of backpacks to help distribute supplies, so if you’ve been looking for a place for the drawstring backpack you got from a camp years ago, Moss Street School would be glad to take it! Other supplies are welcome as well.

For more information, email Rosalie Catanoso at rmcatano@uncg.edu.

By Avery Campbell

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