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Ben Peterson with Moss Street student in podcast studio.

Thanks to UNC Greensboro’s University Teaching & Learning Commons (UTLC), students from Moss Street Partnership School (MSPS) have a shot at having their self-recorded podcast air on National Public Radio (NPR).

In early March, 11 fifth-grade students traveled from Reidsville to utilize UNCG’s podcast studio.

Ben Peterson, UNCG’s coordinator of faculty programs and service, taught students how to use the podcast technology to create a high-quality recording.

“One of the unique aspects of being a university lab school is the opportunity to collaborate and partner with a variety of faculty and staff at UNCG,” said Allison Ormond, associate director for curriculum at MSPS. “This podcast project is a great example of how access to resources, particularly human resources with specific expertise, can enhance learning outcomes for students.”

Students in three fifth-grade classes worked individually and in teams to research topics like bullying, religion, and women’s rights, and recorded an initial cut of the podcast on their iPads. Six podcasts were chosen by their peers based on information/structure, personality and creativity, production quality, and presentation. The 11 students selected came to UNCG to experience a recording session in UTLC’s podcast studio. 

Moss Street students worked individually and in teams to research and record podcasts on topics ranging from religion to bullying to friendships.

The six podcasts will be entered into NPR’s first-ever Student Podcast Challenge. The contest is open to students across the country in grades 5 through 12. Winners will be announced in April, with the winning podcast submissions featured in segments on “Morning Edition” or “All Things Considered.”  

“We want students to be able to connect their interests and real-life experiences to their schooling in a way that generates a deeper understanding of the content and concepts they are learning in class,” Ormond said. “Participating in the NPR Podcast Challenge is a great example of experiential learning that will serve them now and as they advance to middle and high school.”

Students said they enjoyed the field trip from Reidsville to UNCG and the opportunity to learn about advanced podcast technology.


Story by Elizabeth L. Harrison, University Communications
Photography by Jiyoung Park, University Communications

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