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UNCG Theatre’s production of “Heathers” opened this past weekend and runs through Feb. 24 in Taylor Theatre. The show is directed by graduate student Victoria Hirsch as her master’s thesis production.

The play is an unusual genre for UNCG Theatre, and for Hirsch: the dark satire comedy based on a 1980s movie with a small cult following.

“‘Heathers’ is a graphic, twisted show,” said Hirsch. “It’s also hysterical, touching, and heart-rending. Audience members fall somewhere on a scale between never having heard of ‘Heathers’ and being die-hard fans who sing along under their breath to every number.”

The story is that of high schooler Veronica Sawyer, who takes on “the Heathers,” the school’s most elite and socially cruel clique. She woos them with forgery talents and rises to notoriety through her friendship with the Heathers. What follows is a darkly comedic satire that includes violence and death, but also a sincere message. In the end, Veronica condemns and subverts violence, as well as her school’s stiff social hierarchy.

“Over the course of the show, she’s presented with every method of coping: complicity by trying to stay invisible, participation by becoming part of the ruling class of the school, and opposition through anarchy/vigilante justice,” Hirsch explained.

This production contains strong language as well as situations that some viewers may find uncomfortable.

You may purchase tickets online here, at the box office, M-F 1-5 p.m. (336-334-4392), or by visiting the ticket window in the Brown Building. Tickets are also available by calling Triad Stage’s box office at 336-272-0160 or visiting the Triad Stage box office.

By Susan Kirby-Smith
Photography by Martin W. Kane

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