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It’s National Distance Learning Week, and UNCG Online is part of the country-wide celebration of online education.

At its inception 20 years ago, UNC Greensboro offered just 14 online classes. Today, online students can choose from over 650 courses, including the only online PhD in Business Administration in North Carolina. The BS in Integrated Professional Studies, another program unique to UNCG, teaches practical business skills for working professionals looking to complete a degree. Because many of these courses don’t have prerequisites, such as a foreign language, they are accessible to more students.

Online education is a powerful tool for the 21st century student. For students who are busy at work or with family, online courses allow them to tailor their schedule to their needs so they can complete a four-year degree. Pursuing an online education removes costs associated with on-campus learning, such as health insurance, room and board, and facilities fees, and the coursework is just as rigorous as a traditional classroom setting.

The department continues to grow and evolve. UNCG Online reported record enrollment this year with over 2,600 students taking online courses. Dr. Karen Bull was recently appointed Dean of Online Learning for the University, bringing her extensive experience in distance education to oversee the department.

In the 21st century, serving non-traditional students is more important than ever. UNCG Online’s distance learning courses are a great alternative for students who have families and full-time jobs. Students in online classes can complete their coursework around their other commitments and at their convenience.

Research shows that college graduates earn $1 million more than high school graduates over their lifetime. UNCG is helping more North Carolinians receive a college education and change their life trajectories in the process.

For more information on UNCG Online courses, visit online.uncg.edu.

For a list of National Distance Learning Week webinars and events, visit the United Distance Learning Association’s website.

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Story by Avery Campbell, University Communications
Photography by Jiyoung Park, University Communications

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