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Spartan faculty and staff are encouraged to help celebrate National Transfer Student Week by letting our UNCG transfer students that you, too, were a transfer student. If you weren’t a transfer student, you can still let them know you support them. Feel free to use the following transfer support buttons on your social media profile for the week of October 19 – 23, and we encourage you to post about your transfer experience using the tags @UNCG and #transferstudentweek.

As faculty and staff transfer champions, it is vitally important that we build awareness of common transfer barriers and the diverse student needs and identities within our transfer populations. Although the transition between institutions is inherently complex, we believe that transfer is a good and valuable pathway to bachelor’s degree completion.

See UNCG’s Transfer Week 2020 page: https://admissions.uncg.edu/transfer-week-2020/

For more information on National Transfer Student Week: https://www.nists.org/national-transfer-student-week

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