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Starting in the fall of 2016, UNCG’s Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (LLC) will offer a new concentration for students who are interested in developing multiple literacies and strengthening intercultural skills.

The concentration in global languages and communities, one of four concentrations offered in the department’s newly restructured Bachelor of Arts, takes the traditional language program to the next level by providing students the opportunity to study two or more languages at the same time. The department offers programs in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and American Sign Language.

Additionally, the curriculum is designed to help students develop and strengthen intercultural competence, a valued skill for any career path.

“The vision behind this program is to encourage students to think of themselves as participants in a globalized world and to understand that the world is everywhere, including here on UNCG’s campus,” said Associate Professor of German Studies and Associate Department Head Dr. Susanne Rinner.

According to Rinner, research shows that global readiness – enhanced by fluency in at least two languages – offers students more career opportunities and significantly increases their earning potential over a lifetime.

The new curriculum includes three core courses – Global Crossings, Global Green and Global Cultures Through Film – as well as others that examine a variety of subject areas from a global perspective.

The program also requires an intercultural experience, which can be met through study abroad, and a service-learning course.

“It encourages meaningful interaction with languages through community engagement,” Rinner said.

In addition to global languages and communities, the restructured BA in languages, literatures, and cultures will offer the following concentrations: French and Francophone studies, German studies and applied languages (K-12 teaching licensure in French and Spanish).

The department also offers a BA in Spanish and a graduate program that allows students to complete a Master of Arts in languages, literatures, and cultures with concentrations in French and Spanish.
To learn more about LLC, visit uncg.edu/llc.

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