News Items from UNC Greensboro

UNC Greensboro’s Equity and Diversity website has launched two new resources: The Diversity Dashboard Series, which is an interactive tool providing equity, access, and climate indicators for faculty and staff; and The Training Commons, which is a portal for information and resources about targets of diversity education and training on campus.

Using a boutique approach, the UNCG Diversity Dashboard Series increases our knowledge about the strengths and challenges in areas of race and gender equity, equity diversity and inclusion, campus climate, and may inform strategic priorities and action. Visit the new page for information tailored for both faculty and staff.

Through The Training Commons initiative, diversity education and training is a multilayered process that includes engagement and self-awareness, knowledge growth, and learning and skill and professional development.

The targeted outcomes for these initiatives are racial and other biases, promotion of positive and inclusive intergroup relations, adherence to best practices that disrupt procedural and behavioral factors that may activate bias and discriminatory processes, and skill and professional development to prepare individuals to engage and sustain institutional efforts toward inclusiveness and equity.

Be sure to visit UNCG’s main Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion website at https://diversity-inclusion.uncg.edu/.

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