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A new process initiated by the UNC General Administration will now provide easier, faster and more consistent decisions regarding student residency. The new North Carolina Residency Determination Service (RDS) is now online and available to help UNCG undergraduate students. By next year, the system is also expected to support graduate student determinations.

Residency classification for tuition purposes determines in-state or out-of-state status and may impact admission, tuition, scholarship, or financial aid eligibility. Residency determination from RDS is required for any individual applying for admission, readmission, or transfer to any N.C. college or university, public or private, who wishes to receive the benefits of in-state tuition and/or eligibility for state grants.

This new process is effective immediately. Undergraduate decisions will no longer be handled by the Registrar’s office or other units at UNCG. All system universities – and in fact all Universities across North Carolina – are now also using this system.

All undergraduate students applying for admission and claiming in-state residency for tuition purposes must complete the RDS interview. Decisions are typically provided within 24 hours. Students do not need to complete the online interview each year, if they are continuously enrolled.

Until RDS is available for graduate students, all graduate inquiries should go to the UNCG Graduate School. Information is available at https://grs.uncg.edu/forms. More details are available at https://admissions.uncg.edu/apply-residency.php.

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