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UNC Greensboro’s University Teaching and Learning Commons (UTLC) has opened a new production suite to help faculty incorporate technology into the classroom and transform the learning experience for students.

The suite includes three state-of-the-art studios:

  • A one-button video recording studio in which faculty plug in a USB flash drive, press record, talk to the camera, and then walk away with a video file
  • A podcasting studio to create audio files and full-length podcasts
  • A lightboard studio that provides a videographer and post-production capabilities

The new space also includes virtual reality technology.

Photo of two women talking in video studio
Amy Brown, assistant director of technology enhanced pedagogy, shows Emily Savoie DiRoma, assistant director for tutoring services, how to use the one-button video recording studio.

UNCG’s Learning Technology group, a team of Information Technology Services staff that works in the UTLC offices, officially opened the space in the fall. Based on feedback from faculty, the team has re-envisioned the space and recently reopened the suite after making some changes during the winter.

Because the suite is housed in the UTLC, faculty have the opportunity to first meet with the UTLC Teaching Innovations Office staff to discuss pedagogical approaches and goals, and then meet with the Learning Technology team to figure out how to best support pedagogy with technology.

“We take the learning objectives and what a faculty member wants or needs in their classroom, and then we bring that to life,” said David Kirkland, Learning Technology director. “We listen closely to faculty about what they want. It’s a lot of consulting, troubleshooting, and identifying the tools as solutions for their problems.”

Photo of two people using podcasting equipment
UTLC staff members Dr. Ben Peterson and Marisa Gonzalez experiment with the podcasting studio.

One faculty member who has taken full advantage of the space is Dr. David Upton, associate professor in the Department of Accounting and Finance. Upton attended a workshop in February, and since then has regularly visited the suite to record lectures for his courses. Specifically, he uses the lightboard studio to create videos that introduce key concepts.

“All attention is on the screen, the colors are strong, and you have the ability to talk directly to the camera while laying out a concept on the board,” Upton said. “My goal is to enhance student learning by engaging students and clearly introducing material in a visual way.”

Dr. Sarah Gates, an instructor in the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program, started using the space in the fall.

“I used the space to create short video introductions for each week’s classes,” Gates said. “I think the videos offer an audiovisual roadmap that students can go back to and review. The UTLC is a fantastic resource – their team makes it easy to climb the learning curve and become comfortable with the technology.”

Faculty members interested in learning more about the production suite are encouraged to sign up for one of the upcoming one-hour workshops. Workshops will be held March 21, March 25, April 18, and April 29. Space is limited for each session. After completing the introductory workshop, faculty can begin to reserve and use the studio spaces.

To register for a workshop, visit the workshops and events website.

To learn more about the UTLC, visit utlc.uncg.edu.

View a demonstration of the lightboard studio in the video below.


Story by Alyssa Bedrosian, University Communications
Photography by Martin W. Kane, University Communications

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