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Enhancing student success and efforts to improve retention rates are a key focus on campus.

The Student Study Program (SSP) is a new program offered by the Student Success Center that provides opportunities for students to form collaborative study groups. These study groups, in turn, will foster enhanced study habits and overall academic performance in and out of the classroom.

The students find there are a number of good reason to be a part of these groups, says Caitlin Byerly, Student Study Program coordinator.

  • Meet new classmates you otherwise may not interact with
  • Have a study group established for you by simply filling out the online application
  • Always have the opportunity to study with other classmates outside of class
  • Enhance student study habits and confidence in mastering course material

The SSP is currently serving eight courses during the pilot 2011 Fall semester, with anticipation of expanding the number of courses for the Spring semester.
Accounting 201 (ACC 201)
Anthropology 100 (ATY 100)
Chemistry 104 (CHE 104)
Economics 201 (ECO 201)
Geography 103 (GEO 103)
Philosophy 121 (PHI 121)
Political Science 100 (PSC 100)
Sociology 101 (SOC 101)

The program connects students enrolled in the same course and section number.

Students can utilize this program by filling out an online application located at http://success.uncg.edu/ssp/apply/. After filling out the application, students will be matched with other students in the requested course and section by the SSP coordinator and contacted via email.

Have questions or want details? Email Caitlin Byerly or call 334-3682.

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