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There’s a new resource for students looking to explore the wide range of programs, events and services offered by the Division of Student Affairs – a digital magazine called “Pathways.”

Student Affairs plans to make the publication available online each semester.

“We know that it can be hard for students to keep up with everything we’re doing, and at the same time we’re very conscious of the money we spend on promotions,” said Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Cherry Callahan. “Creating this digital publication addresses both of those issues.”

The magazine is called “Pathways” because the division wants to help each student define and discover their own unique pathway to success. The spring 2013 issue includes an events calendar, updates on recreation activities, housing information, a student group spotlight and more.

View “Pathways” online at sa.uncg.edu. The magazine can be viewed in a flip-book format, printed or downloaded as a PDF.

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