News Items from UNC Greensboro

Whether researchers with timely insights or students with outstanding stories, members of the UNCG community appear in print, web and broadcast media every day. Here is a sampling of UNCG-related stories in the news and media over the week:

  • The News & Record wrote a feature on student Magloire Lubika’s efforts to destroy stigmas related to homelessness. The article.
  • WUNC highlighted the “musical petting zoo” hosted in LeBauer park, with comments from junior Carley Gerdes. The piece.
  • Senior Dixie Ortiz’s research on mentorship and diversity was featured in The Voice of Hispanic Higher Education’s summer 2019 issue.
  • As reported by the Environmental News Network, Joel Gunn was a collaborator on new research about ancient societal development. The article.
  • Alumna Kathryn Hubert spoke to Fox8 on her impetus for opening her restaurant, Chez Genese. The interview.
  • Dr. April Dawkins co-authored new research on e-books in high school libraries, as reported by the American Library Association. The piece.
  • Dr. Catherine Bush, a CNNC research fellow, co-authored a research project on plant use in Greensboro Montagnard communities. Read more here.
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