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a clock tower and building at sunset
Clocktower and Curry Building at dusk

Whether researchers with timely insights or students with outstanding stories, members of the UNCG community appear in print, web and broadcast media every day. Here is a sampling of UNCG-related stories in the news and media over the week.

  • Dr. Brianna Caza, associate professor in the Department of Management at UNCG, is acknowledged in an article by The Conversation about “COVID-19: The challenges of being a gig worker during the pandemic.” The article. 
  • Dr. Jessica Dollar appears in a research article about the Measurement of Behavioral Emotion Regulation Strategies in Early Childhood. In this article, she explores how the Early Emotion Regulation Behavior Questionnaire (EERBQ) assesses children’s emotion regulation (ER) behavioral strategies in both positive and negative emotional contexts. The article. 
  • Dr. John Kiss is acknowledged and thanked in a research article about Understanding Reduced Gravity Effects on Early Plant Development Before Attempting Life-Support Farming in the Moon and Mars. Dr. Kiss has contributed the exchange of data, results, and ideas to this study. The acknowledgement. 
  • Dr. Aron Allen will be featured as a roundtable discussant during the Responses in Music to Climate change conference on the topic of Confronting Climate Change Amid Covid-19. The scheduled feature. 
  • Visiting Professor, Dr. Gwen Schug is featured in an article about her upcoming lecture on Climate Change and Bioarcheology. This lecture will be virtually featured in the UNCG Sustainability and Lecture Series. The article.
  • Stephan Cramer writes an article about adjusting to the return of in-person classes and personal experiences with teaching this fall semester at UNCG. The article.
  • Dr. Michaeline Jensen, psychologist and assistant professor at UNCG, is highlighted in an article about how “Kids Are More Depressed Than Ever. Is Social Media to Blame?” Dr. Jenson gives a quote surrounding the controversial belief of smartphones affecting adolescents’ mental health. The article
  • Dr. Warren Milteer Jr. gained the spotlight with his article “Comment: Politicians picking voters’ dates to nation’s Founders.” which is featured on the Daily Herald website, the Herald Net.  The article.
  • Kyle Anderson, UNCG assistant director of Fitness, is featured in an article by the Campus Rec Magazine and gives quotes about how UNCG’s programs have been influenced by the virtual shift. The feature.
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